The writer welcomes you to her den

Something about this writer and her work ethics.

Writing is an art which brings pages and the screen alive. Every individual takes away something from it based on their needs and perspective. A good article or post is written with the aim of providing something useful to the visitor, enticing them to return and subtly converting the traffic to sales – be it products, services or ideas.

Rekha Seshadri

This is the real ME

Currently, I ghostwrite for a blogging group. I also write at Ayushveda Informatics Ltd. India for a few reasons – a byline for each article, get to work in tandem with other writers, get the valuable experience of using WordPress CMS and editorial inputs and to develop skills in relevant niches based on my knowledge and interest.

My site – Writer Den – is under construction. The site when launched will cover topics in the niches I currently write in – everyday technology, free software applications and games, general health, beauty, fashion (with a focus on plus sized women like me), travelogues, food history and recipes, personal finance, simple blogging and seo, non-fiction book reviews and general topics of interest(lists).
I will be offering sponsored blog posts and book reviews – fluff and untrue/biased positive reviews are not my cup of South Indian filter coffee.

Education wise, I am a commerce graduate from the liberalization era when cell phones were a luxury on par with BMWs for Indians, having done my schooling and college in Mumbai. I am an accounting technician, the glorified title bestowed by a kind ICAI in recent years, on those unlucky souls who haven’t got the Chartered Accountant tag.

I write unique, well researched, and keyword rich articles and posts in any style preferable to the client. I do not believe in keyword stuffing or article spinning of any sort.

My articles will pass Copyscape premium and other plagiarism checks as I write best when I write in my own style.
I am open to writing guest posts – with or without bylines based on a list of topics and post ideas. I can enrich the post with stock free images, videos and animation when required to.

Honesty, commitment and adherence to deadlines are my bywords and I look for a professional yet friendly contractor or teams to work with.

I respect your copyright on ghostwritten articles and posts and will never resell them in any form – I simply request a link to the website or a testimonial from you in return. In other cases, a paragraph or two of the article/post  with suitable modifications may be exhibited in my portfolio without giving away the site or product details.

I prefer a 8/12/24 hour deadlines for daily articles or posts and am good with weekly assignments.
I offer article based rates based on nature of work and our mutual budget. That said, I won’t be accepting new projects for less than $.02 or Rs 1 per word.

I take on few clients to remained focused on current client needs. I am not really keen on bulk seo writing nor interested in rewrite offers. Check out  my samples to see if my style and your writing needs make a good fit.

I am not a native speaker but I humbly state that English is my first language as it was the medium of instruction throughout school, college and beyond. I am comfortable with American, British and Indian English. You can browse through my fiction writing blog to assess my writing skills.



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