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A full time blogger, freelance content writer, book reviewer, creator of realistic fiction, amateur photographer and baker - a part-time daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, and above all, a secular dweller of a unique star system.
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Run Amok With Colours This Holi

A visitor to India can be forgiven for thinking that Indians have as many festivals as the days in the calendar. Some are purely religious and some cultural or regional in nature, with a link to ancient legends and mythology. But a few transcend religious, cultural and regional barriers to become a festival that encompasses … Continue reading

Amazon Kindle – Best Selling eReader

There are many eReaders available in the market with the customer spoiled for choice. Why do Kindles stand out? Here are some reasons: The Kindle series of eReaders gives you a good range of products for all your budget needs and  product specifications. They come into two versions. • The primary Kindle series has all the capabilities … Continue reading

Writing and extracting a living out of the same

Do you dream of working and getting paid for doing what you love? There are numerous ways to make that possible. As with any profitable venture you need a basic skill, a goal, and a plan. Since the skill – a good grasp of language and syntax already exists; take an appraisal of the goals. … Continue reading

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