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Writing and extracting a living out of the same

Do you dream of working and getting paid for doing what you love?
There are numerous ways to make that possible. As with any profitable venture you need a basic skill, a goal, and a plan.
Since the skill – a good grasp of language and syntax already exists; take an appraisal of the goals. Decide on the area of expertise or interest – fiction, technical and academic or other freelance writing?
Some of the things you can do – write a novel,  create a ‘how-to’ ebook, write for a magazine or ezine, produce posts for blogs/websites, write online from articles to press releases, become a content writer for companies.
Come up with a plan to achieve it. It will involve research in the focused area of writing, the extra skills that may be needed and the various paid avenues available.
Create a portfolio of writing samples, locate writing gigs – start with smaller ones which will build up your confidence and portfolio, join related networks and forums, use the social media to market your work and keep abreast of the latest happenings.
A good query, persistence, and the ability to provide quality work within deadlines enable a successful writing career.

About Rekha Seshadri

A full time blogger, freelance content writer, book reviewer, creator of realistic fiction, amateur photographer and baker - a part-time daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, and above all, a secular dweller of a unique star system.


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